We are an electronic music label

BLUE DYE rec. comprehends an inspired musical approach to the world around, which is reinforced by a complete set of dedicated artists. The label’s success is attached to every musician’s profile, all searching for the right tone, the deepest emotion and the continuous grooving energy in every track that is released. The only rule to follow is the permanent pursuit for timeless musicality, strong teamwork and high quality audio outputs.

Blue Dye was founded in Munich back couple of years ago and after some sucessful years of existence, BLUE DYE rec. remains loyal to its philosophy | listen to our artist community and feel it for yourself!

We are currently working together with various international artists:
e.g. Pezzner | Hector Couto | Pete Herbert | Alkalino | Ezequiel Sanchez | Jay Tripwire | Oliver Deuerling | Cristoph | Joeski | Tale Cooper | PachangaStorm | Jay Haze | Jose Maria Ramon | Sin Plomo | Lenny Maze | Pete Frost | Di Chiara Brother’s | Atnarko | SuSoul | Dazzla | BlueMoon | Michael Nowak | Oru | Martin Woerner | Adrian Bahil | Standard Fair | Hawie | Miguel Garji | GarcyNoise | Pedro Pons | Alba Prada | Chembass | Nurhee | Dave Nash | Carlos Mendes | Son of Sound | Rene Breitbarth | Jay Haze | Javi Viana | Deep Blast | Lash | Ricco Rizzo | Nelson Vaz | Cossano | Active Line Six | Glamoove | Ann Santos | Werner Bethke | Manna-Croup | just to name a few …