Alecsander Magnus was part of the underground music movement in Romania and since the age of 14, when electronic music was at its beginnings, he was one of those who initiated, in the first club of that kind (Studio Martin – 1994, Bucharest), the rave and jungle parties.

After the year 2000, his crew and Magnus started to organize their own parties in unconventional locations like: forrests, abandoned factories or different basements of buildings. During that time, he studied this musical movement and also the people that followed the movement. But the decision of becoming a DJ and a producer came later.

Initially, he wanted to create a big event company but his soul led him only to music – in his opinion, also these two things are part from the same domain, they should be done by different persons. That’s why he decided to give up his event company in Romania and moved to Ibiza in order to be closer to the world that he really wanted and to dedicate fully to music.

Not for a long time, he also started to produce music and belonging to his style, he took the decision to play deep – tech house, with old school and balearic influences.