Based in Birmingham UK, Dan has risen from strength to strength with his unique take on music which began at the age of 13. Dan grew up on Soul and Funk which finally made his decision drop other passions and concentrate his music ability and understanding.

Dan built his foundations by collecting and playing Vinyl from various genres of music which shortly lead onto Soulful House and recording live mixes. Influenced by other DJ’s and producers Dan took a keen liking to a catchy US groove know as Chicago/Jackin’ House in 2006/2007 which then lead Dan breaking into the house club scene in Birmingham & Wolverhampton. Just 18 Dan mastered his unique sound collection and started growing his own crowds.

Just 2 years ago Dan decided to step up his game and take on a new challenge of making his own music. A Sound that was fresh and caught your ears by many generations. Having the influence from soul fuelled jazz; Dan built his EP portfolio and became recognised by the house legend that is Derrick Carter receiving the honors of remixing for DC’s Classic label.

Since then Dan has secured many new EP deals and remix packs with recently securing line up’s with Miami’s WMC 2013 and associated record labels. Still young in career Dan has great passion and tenacity to continue his strengths in making jazzy grooves and bumpin’ enjoyment.