Daniel de Miguel was born in 1986 in a family of artists, in an environment filled of music and paintings. He grew up with a strong addiction to music. His father was a teacher and a dj resident the infamous Shout club.

At age 14 Daniel was receiving classes of sampling and music production mixing dj cassette and the first production software existing at the time. After college, excelling in the field, Daniel went to higher classes of music production and also having piano lessons. Daniel’s dream was to develop his own music.

When he was 20 he moved to Ibiza. On the magic island he was inspired by the high quality of the music, which was not possible to experience in his hometown.

Back to his hometown Daniel studied a music production course that would give him notions of how to develop his own sounds made entirely by hand. He used to travel 400km to class every day to take the most important course in the capital alternating multiple hours of self-education. After graduating he decide to improve his skills staying close in the studio everyday for a long hours and after 4 years of self-education he was ready to spread his music around the world . Traveling alone and living in different cities such as London, Berlin and Vienna gave him the chance to experience different way of making music, necessary to develop his own style.

Labels like Alma Soul records, Tenor recordings or Blue Dye hosted his top tracks and publish them on famous radios like Ibiza global radio and ibiza live radio. His intention when creating a melody is unleashing vibrations intense enough to make the listener close their eyes and dream, deep pads and dark synths are the most important elements in his tracks. His style can be defined as eclectic mix of funky, disco, hiphop & soul Origins mixed with a techno, minimal and deep house club addiction. All Daniel’s experience helped him to create an hard, tense and unique music.