Originally from Lisboa, Portugal, with a classical music background and an Electronics and Computer Science university degree, it wasn’t until she moved to Amsterdam in 2006 and got sucked into the local electronic dance music scene that all pieces of her puzzle started to fall into place. There she started her path as DJ and shortly after she was playing regularly in bars and clubs around town.

About the same time her love for music and her affinity with electronics guided her to SAE Institute where she followed Electronic Music Production training. Although she sees music production as her greatest passion, the positive response to her DJ-ing and the great satisfaction she derived from it plunged her deeper into it.

She recently moved to Ibiza in pursuit of this passion, to dedicate herself entirely to music. Her deep, feminine and groovy sound was also well received there and since then things have been picking up nicely for her with regular appearances around the island.

2014 promises to be auspicious year for Filipa, besides the successful debut gigs in her hometown Lisbon and the exciting booking for Boom festival in Portugal she already secured residency at “What’s Up? Ibiza” on the magical island.