Martin Woerner was one of the few absolutely shooting stars of the rhein-main-area in 2008! His productions for Paso Music or Herz Ist Trumpf Records were pretty successful and have been supported by all big names in the scene.

Martin Woerner was born in Hanau (near Frankfurt am Main/Germany) in 1980. In 2002, he already launched the project “Stereofuse” together with his former partner, Thorsten Diegel and as a part of this project, he successfully released his first record on Salo Rec./Berlin (Casino EP) in 2002. Also within this project, his second release followed on Pascal Feos label Phono Elements (Headfunk) in 2005.

Besides, Martin always had his own ideas and visions of electronic music, and he hence cut his own path. Immediately, his first own release on Herz ist Trumpf Rec. (Shingles/HIT03/2008) was a complete success and not less successful releases followed e.g. on Paso-Music (Full-Tilt/PASO15/2009, “Unarrested”/Paso20/2010) or Plastic Rules (Rascal EP/2010). He established his own label Inclusion Records which fully rounded his successful year of 2008.

The name Martin Woerner stands for euphoric and powerful dancefloor- music. His sound spectrum ranges from deep – minimal House to impulsive Techno of which can be convinced at one of his numerous and rousing Live-acts.