In 1992, Oliver Deuerling began producing with his first computer: an ATARI ST 1040 along with hardware synthesizers like the Yamaha DX7, Roland 2080, Juno 60, Korg and Notator as sequencing software. Back then he was producing Techno, House and Ambient.

When Logic Audio hit the market, Submatic switched up his style. His friend DJ Amaning introduced him to the important basics of producing Drum and Bass. The newfound fascination with DnB led to Submatic linking up with the Millennium Beats Foundation (MBF Crew), now known as (Beatknowlogists). Together, Deefader, Dan-e, Tobez, S.Finesse, MC Soultrain and Submatic made for good, friendly vibes and legendary parties in Munich.

In 2006 he was introduced to Darren Jay, and soon the first vinyl could be released:

Wide open music:
Submatic & Deefader – lift your head, spanish sunset

Jerona Fruits:
Submatic & Dan_e – point Of view

Submatics tracks have been represented

2007, Submatic released some Chill out, Lounge and Drum and Bass tracks on

Good Mood Music
“Choose One´s summervibes” and 2010 – “Nektar Beach sampler”.

In 2010 Submatic finally hooked up with a vocalist. Albert Tempel sang on the track “Stronger Than You”, which was recently released on the compilation

03/11 “The liquid sound of munich” SoulBros. records Stronger than you, lost in time

06/11 96khzProductions: “i love liquid – Explorer” on compilation

09/11 Offworld: “Love your time” ep
Love your time – feat. Albert Tempel, Submatic & Freebird – defargo, under my wing, into this

10/11 soundtrax recording:
think about, mental Mojo

03/30 souldeep recordings:
The liquid note, Goin away, follow the sky, in the morningsun, losing you,

2012 to present: Producer for electronic music, masterer, remixer