We live in a time of constantly changing trends and small niches.

The complete feeling for music: Feel (ing) & Credibility – two factors that combines everything: power-this is what the sound of PACHANGASTORM represents.

Derived from the Latin term “Pachanga” – Party – the main crew behind PACHANGASTORM are Bruno Pachanga (DJ / Production), Simon Storm (DJ / Production), Lennox (Head of Production) and MR(Production / Marketing / PR)

They all grew into the electronic music and are formed from various directions such as Funk, Soul, RnB & Hip Hop, as well as EBM and Wave of the 80ies and 90ies until today.The willingness to experiment have made the hunters, collectors and connoisseurs of sounds and beats to true sound-esthetes.

By arranging different styles track by track, PACHANGASTORM always create new soundscapes, which gives on an immense pressure on the dance floor.

They have always had a deep passion for Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Deep House, House and Electro Funk and since the beginning of 2012 they have joined together for their project: PACHANGASTORM.

The music: Soulful, deep, always impulsive.