Nurhee [Munich, GER] started his musical career, when he was quite young, giving his first steps into DJing by the age of 16.

Weekly Radioshow hosted on Ibiza Global Radio.

He also is running the German label Blue Dye Records.

After several releases on different brands within the last decade, Nurhee is defining his own style of electronic underground music again from time to time.


‘The CLU’ means The Collective Universe. There is a collective of infinitely many and changing people.

Nathan Jassi

House & Techno producer signed to Lapsus Music, Blue Dye, Throne Room Records, Lauter Unfug and Audio Rehab


Sebastian Lechner

Sebastian Lechner, born on July 06, 1985 in Prien am Chiemsee, near Munich, Germany, started his DJ career about 10 years ago in collaboration with his brother.

“DJ Brad-Inox” alias Sebastian made himself felt known: he began spreading his sound by putting on music in electronic music clubs (followed by soon being resident of one of them) and performing aside proper electro-troupers at electronic music festivals. In 2013 Sebastian went on to establish his own record-label “Erichunder” in cooperation with Andreas Stadler to produce music and extend.

x “Sodaclub”, Salzburg (Austria) x “Palais Club”, Munich x “Hundertquadrat”, Rosenheim (Germany) …to be continued

x “ECHELON Open Air & Indoor Festival” x “Zauberwald-Festival”, Hohenthann (Germany) x “LOVE-PARADE Club Tour”, Salzburg …to be continued