This Ibiza globetrotter born in the early 80’s is one of the most creative figures emerging and promising electronic scene in Ibiza. Grew as an artist surounded by sounds of the 90´s and already in 2000 started producing his first songs with the classic Roland 505. Three years later he acquires his first Mac, updating his studio, and falls squarely into the exciting world of electronic music production, as previously drew and experimented with various genders, with the musical culture of its hallmarks the time to produce.

In 2006 his reputation locally and nationally was relevant, and proof of this is that its themes are beginning to hear in different clubs like Space Ibiza, Pacha, Eden, etc etc, rather than getting a positive response of both public and DJs and producers. His themes were improving, along with his technique on the decks, and the audience began to believe in him. So much so that in 2008 he settled in Ibiza, creating the same year his first professional studio.

It should be noted that throughout his career as a producer, DJ Rickzor has not stopped playing in the most visible rooms of the island, as well as events and festivals in Spain and the UK.

Today Spinclub produces for labels such as Cocoon Rec, VIVa MUSiC, Leone Music, Moral Fiber, Austis rec, Kote Rec, Documenti Sonori, FHD, Neurotraxx, Crl, etc., and its most notorious gigs from last year have been in the symbolic Openig andclosing Space parties , as well as his weekly residency at Space Kehakuma or Be Space, where he shared booth with dj’s of the likes of Curly Nickl, Martin Buttrich, Johnny D, Ilario Alicante, Sascha and Seth Troxler among others.

In short, we have before us (for our benefit and privilege) to a great DJ and great producer who for sure will not go unnoticed at parties and events in which it participates.