Sebastian Lechner, born on July 06, 1985 in Prien am Chiemsee, near Munich, Germany, started his DJ career about 10 years ago in collaboration with his brother.

“DJ Brad-Inox” alias Sebastian made himself felt known: he began spreading his sound by putting on music in electronic music clubs (followed by soon being resident of one of them) and performing aside proper electro-troupers at electronic music festivals. In 2013 Sebastian went on to establish his own record-label “Erichunder” in cooperation with Andreas Stadler to produce music and extend.

x “Sodaclub”, Salzburg (Austria) x “Palais Club”, Munich x “Hundertquadrat”, Rosenheim (Germany) …to be continued

x “ECHELON Open Air & Indoor Festival” x “Zauberwald-Festival”, Hohenthann (Germany) x “LOVE-PARADE Club Tour”, Salzburg …to be continued