WICKED 7 is ANGELA CARUCCIO 3rd, LTD company. It’s a publicity brand that has several publicity tools that are used to showcase a certain category of djs that are mainly resident djs ( club, events, radios ) and record label owners only. For all others, we collaborate with other managements and booking agency that have exclusive deals with certain artists.

WICKED 7 is a network of brands.
In the international electronic music industry we research, test, select, engage with brands that are beyond the obvious but with serious talents and quality.
WICKED 7 selects and builds the hidden talents up to a point that can be traded internationally within our Wicked 7 Network circuits. Soon we will launch WICKED 7 FESTIVAL with our own awards so that our found talents, will be transformed into stars. Our talent scouting work, will turn our artists from a drop in the ocean that they are when we find them into a drop of diamond after the added value of WICKED 7 work, all the way into STARS after the awards.
WICKED 7 is a tool to transform a new category of djs (resident and those working behind the industry) into stars.

will produce lots of things
its a brand
From music to movies
from magazine articles to events;
It specializes in all electronic music styles.
The selection is based on Personality, Professionality, Talent.
WICKED 7 is a publicity tool
We use lots of tools to fish, build and sell products and services.
We will produce products and food and all sorts with this brand that has, our restricted criteria of being “Artistic, Ecologic, Fair Trade”.
A % of all WICKED 7 branded products, services will raise funds for our charities ” Mental Health, Ecology, Creative Business”.

I am working with La Terrrazza club in Barcelona for the 2nd summer this 2014 and I wish to welcome any business proposals that have a Wicked side.