Artists United Ibiza

We Say No, Pt. 1

German label Blue Dye collaborate with a plethora of Balearic talent to put out part I of the protest LP project ‘We Say No’. A fresh musical approach in petitioning comes from a new collective of musicians – Artists United Ibiza. The project is the brainchild of local artist Anderson Ice aka “I.C.E”, who is campaigning against the drilling for hydrocarbons on a Unesco World Heritage Site 15 miles from the shores of the white isle. Along with eight local producers he has put together a two-part LP in order to raise awareness and gain support for their cause over the course of the summer season in 2014. For Part I of the album the artists take their own unique approach to remixing Ice’s original ‘We Say No’. Each track takes inspiration from the plethora of sounds connected with Ibiza giving this first half of the album a full-bodied eclecticism. The opening rework from LuN Poetic Theory is dominated by funky bass slaps while Garji & Viana deliver a dark and sub-led affair geared towards the early hours. Sarah Main drops a punchy house cut next to Rickzor Marea Azul’s rippling drums and hypnotic beats. Astral contributions come from Filipa Lazary with submerged tones alongside pulsating bass lines and Alecsander Magnus with his metallic drum rhythms and subtle 303 lines. Sine3’s down-tempo offering gives a clear nod to the famous sunset sessions hosted at bars and restaurant’s all over the island while SYNC’s reimagining utilises deep tribal-esque percussion for a kinetic final product. Artists United Ibiza ‘We Say No’ is out on Blue Dye 23rd June 2014 while Part 2 is due to follow with more remixes later this year.

1. We Say No (LuN Poetic Theory Remix)
2. We Say No (SYNC Remix)
3. We Say No (Sarah Main Remix)
4. We Say No (Rickzor Marea Azul Remix)
5. We Say No (Garji & Viana Remix)
6. We Say No (Filipa Lazary Clean Energy Remix)
7. We Say No (Alecsander Magnus Sunny Path Remix)
8. We Say No (Sine3 Sad News Remix)

Release date: 2014-07-07