Lost Control

Finest formation “DoppelHerz” finds back with their fresh “Lost Control” EP to ‘Blue Dye’. Including remixes by Geyo (Sujet, Love Harder) and Plexon (Tenor, Achterdeck), you will explore 5 outstanding tracks on this release. From minimalistsic grooves to phunk deep house… every deepest sensation comes together in here and originates a connected mixture of unforgettable dance moods. This is what the second “DoppelHerz” debut is all about. “Open Minds” is the title of the first offering in this pack, with a darkish groove and classic vibe including a lower tuned sax-trumpet. The second track “Lost Control (Original Mix)” presents a more minimalistic flow and persuades with homogeneous synth riffs & fx sounds along a unique vocoder based vox main part. The 2 “Remixes” by “Geyo” and “Plexon” of that jacker speak for themselves and dive deep into indie, disco + funk influenced waves, which are digging little extasy exposures. The last track “Paradox” is not so ironic at all & transforms into an after hour piece with minimal style in its appearance… so what to do now, just grab a copy and enjoy!

1. Open Minds (Original Mix)
2. Lost Control (Original Mix)
3. Lost Control (Geyo Remix)
4. Lost Control (Plexon Remix)
5. Paradox (Original Mix)

Release date: 2013-12-16