Jacky (UK)

Fair One

Next up we have some fantastic work from uprising newcomer producer from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, JACKY (UK). After only releasing his first EP summer of this year he has come on leaps and bounds, gaining strong support from the likes of Sant, Nick Curly, Stacey Pullen and most recently, Jamie Jones. This young man’s style is indeed versatile, and with “Fair One” has opted for a rather deep, chilled vibe. This 3 track package also contains strong remixes from PETE HERBERT and good friend’s of Jacky’s, DI CHIARA BROTHER’S Photography on artwork taken by “Nelson Vaz” [Portugal].

1. Fair One (Original Mix)
2. Fair One (Pete Herbert Remix)
3. Fair One (Di Chiara Brother's Remix)

Release date: 2014-11-17