Joan Garcia & Dan Salaz

I Am Still Here

New Blue Dye release [BD070] called “I Am Still Here”, has been produced by the two fully inspired and electronically addicted groove heads “Joan Garcia” and “Dan Salaz” (Amoeba, Delicious) from Spain. In their latest collaboration those 2 artists show their own rhythm with a technoid pumping track along involving spoken vocal parts to hypnotize the listeners on the floors. An additional Remix by “Standard Fair” (Recycle Records, K7 Records, 8Bit) from Japan, next to the already wonderfully produced tech piece, can be found on this release with the promising quality and completes this tune launching a more deeper tech sound related interpretation.

1. I Am Still Here (Original Mix)
2. I Am Still Here (Standard Fair Remix)

Release date: 2014-09-01