Michael Nowak

My Words

Blue Dye presents Michael Nowak with his brand new work entitled My Words EP! This deep release is perfect for the summer days and shows you the skills of a musician from Berlin, currently based in Munich. Recently, Michael was focusing a lot on producing amazing tracks. With this EP, he lets us dive deeper into a minimalistic, deep, jazzy, mashed up and melodic atmosphere. These tracks are also surrounded by techy sonorities and mind-blowing speeches. When it comes to the first track named Local Heroes, he uses more the darker and deeper sounding elements of the past, ending up in a more minimalistic scheme. With the second one, the title-track My Words, he produced a deep house track, which can be easily put on every sampler belonging to deep house music. This EP includes three high quality mixes, with something for every deep house lover inside. An amazing deep and techy sounding remix from Atnarko will enlighten you into another atmosphere on the dancessoor. It also works very well as a warm up track, in a club, or on the beach in every summer resort.When it comes to deepness and originality, the house music lovers who wish to have something special and less commercial, will be delighted with this My Words EP. Enjoy this and many others quality releases on Blue Dye!

1. Local Heroes (Original Mix)
2. My Words (Original Mix)
3. My Words (Atnarko Remix)

Release date: 2012-05-10