Michael Nowak

Not Free, Pt.1

Fresh and wonderful new production, especially made for ‘Blue Dye’ in 2014. Result of “Michael Nowak”‘s latest work, is a very fine piece called “Not Free”. Specifically spoken it is a fresh and melodic slow down Deep House Smasher, which makes you feel very comfortable, whether you are at a bar, in the car or at the beach… just let this number roll and speak for itself! The main melody coming from a piano and organ will catch your attention. And the vox line let you feel the love in this music. Also we have chosen “Miss Luna” from the White isle “Ibiza” to remix “Not Free” and you can expect the usual genius deep house vibes chosen by this Dj Lady [Ibiza live Radio]. The drive of Miss Luna’s interpretation is far darker melting into spacey atmospheres and contains a certain progressive mood as well. Swirls and pads rolling with a kicking’ beat along the original vocal parts are unique and appear balearic! C’mon and groove…

1. Not Free (Original Mix)
2. Not Free (Miss Luna Deep Mix)

Release date: 2014-02-24