[BD073] release on Blue Dye is our latest work and first collaboration with UK artist “Momotaro”, a 4-piece live-electronica group based in Brighton on England’s south coast… The release brings together their original track “Kite” with a powerful remix by German producers “Deep Blast” and “Ricco Rizzo”. Momotaro’s “Kite” Video Link: The original “Kite” is a touching jewel taken from Momotaro’s debut album “Second Side”. It strikes a perfect balance between organic and manufactured sounds that carries itself extremely well into their live set-up. The track displays a signature blend of spongy bass drones, samples and warm guitar with shimmering, soulful vocal melodies that sits it well within the live-electronica scene. Already hard at work on a second album, tracks like “Kite” are a stepping stone into new territory for the band, having extended their line-up to include a bass player and VJ for added depth and live interest, something we cannot wait to see in the near future. The second track to this release brings to the table an amazingly powerful, and at the same time soul-touching, interpretation of the original track. Hailing from South Bavaria in Germany, “Deep Blast” and “Ricco Rizzo” have created a pure Deep House track that brings Momotaro’s main vocal parts to the fore, an element the duo both immediately fell for. With the pre-release having so far been well-received, the remix is oozing with potential to become a dancefloor sensation this fall.

1. Kite (Original Mix)
2. Kite (Deep Blast & Ricco Rizzo Remix)

Release date: 2014-11-03