Collaborations (Album)

After 4 months of hard work, blood & sweat, PachangaStorm finally presents their first Album called “Collaborations”. “Collaborations” is a fresh breeze of new sounds, which are an excellent fusion of Nu Disco, Deep House, Tech House & Breaks. Many well-known artists from the scene are part of this Album. Top producers like “FromDropTillDawn”, “Clyde P”, “Oliver Deuerling”, “Julian Wassermann”, “Milan Euringer”, “Geyo”, “Nurhee”, “Full Ferry”, “Boscida Und Farcher”, “Lenny Maze” & “Desaga” have put their creative ideas within this project. Each selected track of the release is a personal story between PachangaStorm and the collaborator. Blue Dye is proud to have been the label co-ordinating important steps of this project. So watch out for our no. BD083 reference.

1. PachangaStorm, Lenny Maze - Introducing Lenny Maze (Original Mix) 2. PachangaStorm, FromDropTillDawn, Oliver Deuerling - No Practice (Original Mix)
3. PachangaStorm, Clyde P, Oliver Deuerling - Holla Back (Original Mix)
4. PachangaStorm, Julian Wassermann, Oliver Deuerling, Geyo - Drive (Original Mix)
5. PachangaStorm, Oliver Deuerling, Nurhee - Studiotime (Original Mix)
6. PachangaStorm, Desaga - In The Trunk (Original Mix)
7. PachangaStorm, Milan Euringer - Shorty (Original Mix)
8. PachangaStorm, Boscida Und Farcher - Sometimes (Original Mix)
9. PachangaStorm, Full Ferry, Oliver Deuerling - Out of Control (Original Mix)

Release date: 2015-07-27