ADE 2016

The VA ‘ADE 2016’ Sampler is quite a premiere as it counts catalogue no. BD100. This release has it all for your Amsterdam journey. Check out surprising fresh unreleased ADE material including some grooving stompers and hypnotizing bangers presented by South Germany’s imprint. Productions by Majesty, Carlos Francisco, Black Girl White Girl, John Belk, Limitless, FromDropTillDawn, PachangaStorm, Antony Toga, Lennart Richter, onetwofour, A.C.B, Lenny Maze, Roberto Q Ingram, Nurhee, Sebastian Lechner, Sandra Gold.

1. Lenny Maze - ZeroEightNine (Original Mix)
2. Lennart Richter ft. Leah Ashurst - Acid Makes Me Move (Original Mix)
3. onetwofour - White Tee (Original Mix)
4. FromDropTillDawn - Wait! (Original Mix)
5. Black Girl / White Girl - Bloom (Original Mix)
6. Roberto Q Ingram - Voluntary Expression (Original Mix)
7. Sandra Gold - BeatBoomBass (Original Mix)
8. PachangaStorm - The Arrival (Original Mix)
9. Majesty - Make Me Move (Original Mix)
10. Sebastian Lechner - Shaker Plan (Original Mix)
11. A.C.B - Groove With It (Original Mix)
12. Limitless - Acidic (Original Mix)
13. John Belk - Burger Life (Original Mix)
14. Carlos Francisco - Raw Slack (Original Mix)
15. Antony Toga - Spacer (Original Mix)
16. Nurhee – Artis (Original Mix)

Release date: 2016-10-17