Various Artists

ADE Sampler 2013

Proud to release our ADE SAMPLER 2013 featuring new tracks by “Géyo”, “PachangaStorm”, “Munich Underground Collective (M.U.C)” , “DoppelHerz”, “Cossano”, “Pete Frost” and “Plexon”. A journey into new classy tunes selected for Amsterdam… enjoy!

1. DoppelHerz – Recall (Original Mix)
2. Munich Underground Collective (M.U.C.) – Sorrow Man (Original Mix)
3. PachangaStorm – Good To Me (Original Mix)
4. Cossano – On The Way (Original Mix)
5. Geyo – Dear Summer (Original Mix)
6. Pete Frost - Base (Original Mix)
7. Plexon – Touch Me (Original Mix)

Release date: 2013-10-14