Various Artists

ADE Sampler 2014

‘ADE Sampler 2014’ on Blue Dye brings a complete new selection of the most innovative house influenced styles. This year, the record label has chosen 11 various tracks to reach all sophisticated ranges of party lovers and burning dancefloors. Fresh new exclusive productions and remix worx by artists like “Joeski”, “Sammy W & Alex E”, “Jay Tripwire”, “Ezequiel Sanchez”, “Di Chiara Brother’s”, “Michael Nowak”, “I.C.E”, “Martin Bundsen”, “Jacky (UK)”, “BlueMoon”, “Uli” and “Daniel De Miguel” are promising quality moments and a hypnotical trip into sounds. As well as the all-time-classic Blue Dye smasher ‘Material Imflamable’ remixed by “Hector Couto” and originally produced by “Miguel Garji” and “Javi Viana” has been added to this strong compilation, which will definitely leave some ‘Amsterdam Dance Event’ feelings in your mind. Photography on artwork taken by “Nelson Vaz” [Portugal].

1. I.C.E & Uli - Sugar Babe (Original Mix)
2. Sammy W & Alex E - Homocide (Original Mix)
3. Ezequiel Sanchez - OHONH (Jay Tripwire's Tribute to Guidance Remix)
4. Miguel Garji & Javi Viana - Material Inflamable (Hector Couto Remix)
5. Michael Nowak - Not Free (Di Chiara Brother's Remix)
6. Daniel De Miguel - Spree (Original Mix)
7. Jacky (UK) - Pony Rick (Original Mix)
8. I.C.E - Only Once (Original Mix)
9. Martin Bundsen - Move (Original Mix)
10. Joeski - Ohh Yeaaah Acid (Original Mix)
11. BlueMoon - Falling Skies (Original Mix)

Release date: 2014-10-20