Various Artists

ADE Sampler 2018

The ‘ADE Sampler 2018’ selection for this year is an interesting mix of different quality productions by internationally known and newcomer artists, but always in keeping with the direction of the label’s vibes. Fresh unreleased material by Manuel Schuster, Sebastian Lechner, Nurhee, Lenny Maze, MURJD, ÜNAM, Nik Woodward, Tale Cooper, Kovi, Dhumen. Listen for yourself!

1. Manuel Schuster - Nova Groove (Original Mix)
2. Sebastian Lechner, Nurhee - Shine Moment (Original Mix)
3. Lenny Maze - 6th Element (Original Mix)
4. MURJD - Tanami Sands (ft. Ashaki) (Original Mix)
5. ÜNAM - La Isla De Los Locos (Original Mix)
6. Nik Woodward - The Rub (Original Mix)
7. Tale Cooper - Mrs. Watson (Original Mix)
8. Kovi - Cosmic Gossip (Original Mix)
9. Dhumen - Red Safari (Original Mix)

Release date: 2018-10-22