Various Artists

Flux EP

We jump into the new year with a 4 track EP called “Flux” on which we present the following pumping sounds: The opener is by the artist “Roberto Pedoto” (Relux Underground) from Italy. With “Send My Mood” Mr. Pedoto joins the deeper vibrations of music and launches an easy dreamy beach-house swing. The subsequent tunes “Fabulous Vibes” by “Smootrab” (Soul Mjuzieek Digital, KULT) from Belgium and “I Walk This Empty Street On Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by “Michael Nowak” (Sujet Musique) will drive you more into tech melodic spheres along some progressive touched beats. These fabulous mixtures of frequencies have been completed with another kind of deep and lounge orientated house piece called “Clouds” by “Plexon” (Tenor Recordings). Don’t hesitate to enjoy!

1. Roberto Pedoto – Send My Mood (Original Mix)
2. Smootrab – Fabulous Vibes (Original Mix)
3. Michael Nowak – I Walk This Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Original Mix)
4. Plexon – Clouds (Original Mix)

Release date: 2014-01-13