WicKed 7

No Limit (feat. Donna Destri & Steven Jones)

“WicKed 7” returns on Blue Dye with the “NO LIMIT” EP. An amazingly mixed cocktail of styles varying from minimal, deep, progressive to groovy house music. The BD075 release contains well-balanced deep lounge rhythms & sophisticated tech house patterns. It invites the listener to feel moments of relaxation as well as aboundance of sexy beats. And comes with an aim to hypnotize minds & move bodies on the dancefloor. So any kind of music conoisseur receives with each individual track a unique special atmosphere. The hypnotic voices of “DONNA DESTRI” & “STEVEN JONES” (New York/London) add the perfect twist, that enrich and flavor these tasty tracks in a mysterious way. WICKED 7 is an advertising company and a growing brand within the electronic music industry. WICKED 7 Eps are one of the advertising tools used for showcases in clubs, events and promotion for label brands, soon to be all united at th e WICKED 7 FESTIVAL. On the 1st May 2015 will be the 1st edition, in London of the YIN & YANG Art, Music & Culture Festival, launching the exclusive KoK-oc Awards for: Clubs & Events mainly. “Angela Caruccio” is the founder & CEO of the WICKED 7 brand as well as the Lyricist of the WicKed 7 eps. WICKED 7 strategy is respected on the “NO LIMIT” EP. “No Limit”‘s producers & remixers are: Digital Mike (WicKed 7 Network), Nurhee (Blue Dye, Exotic Refreshment), Miky J (Snatch Rec., Egg London), Carlos Francisco (SP recordings), Fabio Ferro (Familia Egg resident), Marco Colombino (No Attitude Rec./ Deep:on). Photography on artwork taken by “Nelson Vaz” [Portugal].

1. No Limit (Original Mix | Digital Mike)
2. No Limit (Nurhee Remix)
3. No Limit (Miky J Aftermix)
4. No Limit (Carlos Francisco Remix)
5. No Limit (Fabio Ferro Remix)
6. No Limit (Marco Colombino Remix)

Release date: 2014-12-01